Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Writing Posts I Would Want to Read

Writing Posts I Would Want To Read... and Then Forgetting I Wrote Them

So for the last day or so, the top article from this blog has been the highly intriguing "The Effectiveness of Bards in Dungeon Fantasy." And I as I wander through my blog-roll and their blog-rolls and sometimes their blog-rolls' blog-rolls, I see an article title that just sounds fascinating to me. And I move my mouse over to click on it and realize that the reason it's so fascinating is because I wrote it in the first place. I also did this all the time for "Fixing the Prices in DF," only I said "doh!" a lot more when I did. Does this happen to anyone else?

Stop Reading the Boring Stuff!

On a possibly related note, the most popular post by page-views on this blog is "Actual Play: Savage Tides Gargoyle Cliffs." I think it's the most popular because +Peter V. Dell'Orto directly linked to it, and his blog is insanely popular. So thanks to Peter for mentioning me, adding me to his blog-roll, and all that. But really, that AP is not one of my better posts; I put it up for content and so I wouldn't forget it. But really, people, please go read the better stuff like the Changing Tides articles (especially the Sargasso Sea), which are more about the design process, or my clever blending of the Ritual Magic system with the grimoires from Ritual Path Magic.

Or keep reading the Actual Play articles - eyeballs and comments are gratefully appreciated, whatever posts they land on!


  1. If it's any consolation, Mark, I totally get into the technical articles - the Yak Shaving, as many seem to refer to it - just as much or more than the actual play articles. So keep 'em coming!

  2. Sorry that my link is bombing one of your least-favorite posts Mark. :)

    If it helps, I liked your bard post the best so far.

  3. Thanks, Peter. The link is appreciated, but there's a certain element of "come for the boring Actual Play, stay for the insightful discussion of DF templates and magic!"

    I think I'm going to be more posts similar to the bard post in the future. It's a good topic and I have stuff to say about it.


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