Monday, October 6, 2014

Bones: Apes! Basecoat and drybrush

Actually, only the largest of these guys is actually from the Reaper Bones collection. The other two are actual pewter figures from Paizo, I think.

I don't have any particular reason for posting these guys. Or for painting them, really, but I figured I should just work through the backlog and these guys were the ones I grabbed. Along with 3 griffins, 4 snakewomen, an eryine or harpy, a succubus, a bunch of beetles and spiders, and a couple of ninja. Not all of them are getting the same amount of attention, but I'm making some progress on most of them. The ninja may get done in a second batch.

Anyway, I basecoasted these guys with a dark brown walnut, and then quickly drybrushed them with a dark gray. I took the pictures to see how well the highlight came out, and I think it's okay. I still need to go over the biggest gorilla with a lighter gray to make him a proper silverback, since the difference in fur color is pretty noticeable in my reference images.

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