Friday, June 28, 2013

My Bones Came Today

So like a lot of people, I participated in the Reaper Bones kickstarter. I already have lots of miniatures, so I was less interested in the random goblins, orcs, and generic adventurers, and more interested in the chance to get some of the larger miniatures cheaply. I was hoping to get the order in March, when I'd have time to paint them, instead of in June, when I'm overwhelmed at work and playing Borderlands 2 in my not particular lycopious spare time (hence the lack of updates here).

Anyway, my Bones arrived today and after an hour or two I've finished preliminary sorting. I tossed most of the stuff I already have a lot of back into the box: all the orcs, armored warriors, and the like. I separated out the stuff I plan to paint: the hydra, the three griffins, the two large demons, the two giants, the giant skeleton, the fourteen lizardmen and fishmen, the eleven modern day figures, a half dozen small demons, another six golems, and the transparent green and red figures. That's already over fifty figures, and a month or more worth of painting even at my best speed.

The ironic bit is that my group has been playing narrative games recently, and detailed tactical maps and miniatures aren't really necessary.

If I get done this batch, there's a couple of sprues of kobolds I'd like to paint, along with some extra lightly armored warriors, the pirates and townsfolk, and some other miscellaneous figures that caught my eye. And if I somehow get all that done, I should probably tackle my backlog of unfinished metal miniature projects.

It all sounds like so much work. I guess I'll go play Borderlands 2 instead.


  1. I see you added on a lot more than I did!

    My kobolds went right into the trade pile. :)

    1. Oddly, although I've been collecting since I was 16 (well, I used to have some figures from when I was 8, but they got lost in a move stinking USPS), I've never had more than 3 kobold figures until today.

      If you don't want your kobolds, I don't want my Pathfinder goblins =)

      And yeah, I did add on a bit. In for the penny, in for the pound, I figured. Trading in the Sophie helped - I wished I could have traded in a bunch of the other stuff (all the Pathfinder figures, for starters).

    2. Give me a couple days to get a better list of tradeables together, but you've got dips on my kobolds! Do you like elves by any chance?

      I'd have traded in some others. Or bought extras of the new figures - I'd love to have some extra hell hounds or eye beasts. Well, I'll buy them once miniatures-giant gets them in stock. I need some more trolls, anyway. :)


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