Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bones: Paint the Easy Stuff First

Stone golems are some of the quickest and easiest miniatures to paint. There's a simple base coat, one or two layers of dry-brushing, and some detail work. Since I'm really out of practice with painting miniatures and half my paints are crusted over, I thought I'd start with something easy to get back into good habits.

So here's the stone golem: one base coat of dark grey, a heavy dry brush of medium grey, a quick dry brush of pale flesh, and then some detailing. My gold paint was nearly dry so I just blotched the eyes and then went back with the dark grey and a fine brush and cleaned them up a bit. The purple jewels on the headband could still use some more clean-up work. And of course, I still need to paint base and seal the figure.

The Bones plastic was generally easy to paint, though some of the paint on the feet rubbed off as I was handling it. There was also a cut into the paint or something on the interior right leg, I think from the drybrushing pulling up some of the paint that hadn't adhered very well. I covered it with dark grey paint, which is fine, but I hope that behavior doesn't continue when I'm working on the hydra, the dragons, or other figures that are actually going to be moderately detailed.

This was good practice. My brush skills are about as good as they ever were, so I feel I can move on to more complicated paint jobs with some confidence.

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  1. Good work. Should be useful for the Castle Ravenloft (?) gargoyles as well!


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