Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bones: Green and Pink Zombies Drybrushed

So I'm trying a new paint scheme for undead flesh: Reaper's "Orc Flesh" (a pale grey-green) as a basecoat, with Reaper's "Dwarf Flesh" (a very mild pastel pink) as a heavy drybrush on top. The goal being to give the figures a flesh-like tone, but one tinged with green.
I think it came out okay, though the figures may be a little too pale. On the table-top, they almost don't look painted. Detailing the eyes and the scraps of clothes may help some there. I'm also considering a wash, probably of brown to dirty them up, but possibly of red to give them a more demonic air. Except I'm fairly sure the red will look like ass.
After these guys, I'm probably going to do the lizardmen or the medusa. Or if I'm feeling really ambitious, I have 3 griffins and a hydra to paint.

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