Monday, July 1, 2013

Bones: More Drybrushing Experiments

These are some before and after shots of the drybrushing I'm trying on the giants from the Reaper Bones set. The upper figures of each set are before the drybrushing. The lower shots are after the drybrushing.
The bright red drybrush on the dark red kilts worked out fine. The lighter flesh on darker flesh didn't work out as well, though I think that's more the limit of my currently useful range of paints than a problem with figures themselves. I may have to try a dark wash to bring out the depths better. Supposedly, the Bones plastic will take washes after its been painted: the dry paint of the basecoat forms a barrier between the hydrophobic nature of the material and the water rich paint of the wash. I'll have to experiment and see for myself.
I think I'm getting slightly better at using the flash and macro settings on my camera but I'm still not good. It's time like these I miss my old Pentex SLR: it didn't have autofocus or a digital display, but it damn well did what I told it to do.

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