Monday, July 15, 2013

Bones: Green and Pink Zombies, Washed and Splashed

I finished painting the zombies yesterday. I started by running a brown wash across one of the duplicated zombies. I think the wash was too thick, more of a stain, and it very much altered the color of the figure. It looks okay, and possibly better than the unwashed figures, but it wasn't the effect I wanted. The difference doesn't quite come out in the pictures: the stained figure is almost grey, compared to the pale pink of the others.
I decided not to experiment with any more washes, and went ahead and finished the figures off. There wasn't much to do: a little basecoating on the remains of the clothes, some yellow for the teeth and eyes, and then some quick work with a technical pen to add some scars over a flash line and pupils in the eyes. On +Sean McCrohan's suggestion, I splashed a little red on their hands and around the mouth. It does make them a little more visible on the table.
The red splashes probably weren't necessary. Without the empty white spaces, the figures have enough contrast to show up tolerably well on the table. Still, the red splashes look like fresh blood, and make the zombies look a little more dangerous and menacing on the table.
On to the next project!

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