Friday, July 12, 2013

Bones: Completed Giants and Warforged

In between playing Borderlands 2 and working at my job, I mostly finished another 3 Bones figures: the two giants and warforged. I still need to paint the bases and seal them, but that shouldn't take very long at all.
The figures were no harder to paint than metal figures. I had a bit of a problem when drybrushing the hair on the giants, in that the brush pulled off the basecoat. But since it pulled the base coat off the highlights, it was a simple matter to just put down the drybrush color on the exposed plastic. I can tell where I did it, but it's no worse than any other highlighting job.
Next step is to do the 4 flesh golems/zombies. I'm going to dry a basecoat of a light green ("orc flesh", per the bottle label), followed by a very heavy drybrush of a very pale pastel pink/peach color. I'm hoping that will give me a creepy green-tinged caucasian flesh tone.


  1. Nice, and I'm impressed at the speed you got them done in!

  2. What paint are you using? And how long was it dry before you went to highlight them? I am worried mine might pull the paint off too when I do them . . .

  3. I'm using a mix of Reaper Pro Paint and Privateer Press P3. Most of the dry brush has worked pretty well - I did the zombies in two sets this morning, with about 3 hours drying time between each coat, and the base coat stayed on despite a heavy drybrush. I think with the giants' hair it was a combination of an especially watery paint and only giving it about half an hour to dry.

    If you're worried, I'd definitely put a couple of hours to a half day between coats. Doing that is annoying, since it means either working with an unmanageable number of figures (I can't keep track of more than 12 at a time) or taking several days to do a figure with multiple layers.

    1. Ah, okay. I tend to do a layer a day, so it shouldn't be an issue for me.


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