Saturday, November 9, 2013

Better Fantasy Armor: GCA File

I worked on a GCA file for the Better Fantasy Armor rules. It's up on the Motoslave GCA Repository at this link.

I had to ditch the idea of using the Fluting and Hardened modifiers with Dragonbone, Dragonhide, and Dragonscale - GCA simply doesn't support having modifiers select modifiers in way that I liked. Instead, I created four modifiers for each type of dragon part: young dragon*, dragon*, elder dragon*, and ancient dragon*, with each increasing age category reducing the weight of the armor by another 10%.

There's probably some conflicts with Low-Tech in it and I may update the file to get rid of them. If anyone has other issues or suggestions for improvements, they can be emailed to me or added to the comments below.

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  1. Updated the file with a minor fix (Mail and Plates now shows up) and the Extra DR modifier is now just the DR modifier.


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