Monday, November 4, 2013

Dungeon Fantasy Racial Weapon Modifiers

In Dungeon Fantasy, there are two weapon modifiers based on fantasy races: Dwarven and Elven.

Elven is probably of the weaker of the two, since it's very expensive (+16 CF) and doesn't give much benefit: an elven longbow costs a lot more than a composite bow, but doesn't hit any harder. Scouts generally want more accuracy and damage a lot more than they want more range, so the usual upgrade path is Bow -> Longbow -> Balanced Longbow or Composite Bow -> Balanced Composite Bow -> Balanced Elven Composite Bow. The last step is theoretical, mind you.

Dwarven is a lot cheaper, and more desirable since it turns unbalanced weapons like axes and dueling halberds into balanced weapons that can attack and parry in the same turn. There's a semi-popular house rule that it should only apply to actual axes, maces, and picks (including two-handed versions), and shouldn't be applied to every bastard sword, whip, and dueling halberd in the world.

Still, there are more races in Dungeon Fantasy than just Dwarves and Elves, and some of them are well-known for their craftsmanship, or lack there-of. Some of those races should have their own weapon modifiers that fit into the stereotypical version of those races. So here are some suggestions for other races' signature weapons.

Orcish: Lets a weapon that normally becomes unready after an attack (‡ on ST) stay ready after being used in a Move and Attack, Committed Attack, or All-out Attack maneuver. Cannot be combined with Dwarven. +2 CF.
Optional: The wielder can also choose from the All-out Attack effects when making a Committed Attack instead of the normal effects. The wielder can also choose a Committed Attack effect when making an All-Out Attack that applies in additional to the normal effect as long as it is a different option (ie, All-Out Strong can be combined with Committed Determined, or All-Out Double with Committed Strong, but not All-Out Strong and Committed Strong). This might be too powerful. 

Dark: The weapon has hidden reservoirs that can be used to recoat it with poison during combat by taking a Ready action.  The reservoirs hold up to 3 doses of the same poison and must be filled before the combat. Any melee weapon: +9 CF.

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  1. Elven bows have one advantage. Rather than damage directly they increase ST, and therefore dice and so, at ST 13 + Striking ST 2 + Strongbow + Elven Bow = 19, Weapon Master adds another 2 damage. A $3400 Elven Longbow is a good step up from a composite bow at that point.


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