Sunday, November 10, 2013

Grimoire costs for College Book Ritual Magic

Most spellcasters in my College Book Ritual Magic system need a grimoire in order to cast spells well. In theory, they can cast any spell from any College that they know, but the prerequisite penalties can make successful spellcasting improbable in practice. Here's the rules for those grimoires.

Grimoire Quality

Grimoires come in three qualities, which basically represents paper weight and grade. Cheap grimoires are made from thick, heavy paper. Good and fine grimoires are made from thinner and stronger paper. Grimoires can come in any size, but are bought in blanks of 100 pages.

Cost ($)/
100 pages
Weight (Lbs)/
100 pges

Grimoires can also be Dwarven, as per manuals from Sages: immune to fire and water damage, double weight, +4 CF.

Spells per Grimoire

Each spell in a grimoire has a separate bonus, a cost to purchase the spell for the grimoire, and a number of pages that the spell requires. Delvers who want to scribe their own spells can instead pay $0.5/page for the calligraphy and an additional material cost for diagrams and rare inks if they have the required minimum skills in Writing, Teaching, Thaumatology, and effectively in the college including the prerequisite penalty for the spell.

BonusCost ($)PagesMaterial ($)Min Skill

Sample Grimoires

Little Wizard's School of Evocation Apprentice Primer: This cheap, 500 page tome contains all the spells required for an Apprentice of the Little Wizard's School of Evocation to prepare for the Journeyman exam, to the limit of the apprentice's skill in the College or Thaumatology. Contains Create Fire +1, Fireball +3, Shape Fire +1, Stench +1, Air Jet +3, Cold +4, Create Air +1, Create Water +2, Deflect Energy +2, Extinguish Fire +1, Fireproof +2, Flame Jet +3, Heat +3, Purify Water +1, Shape Air +2, Shape Earth +1, Smoke +3, and Thunderclap +1. There are 110 blank pages for further expansion. A Little Wizard Stylist would get a +1 bonus on all the spells including (up to the maximum of Thaumatology) and could use the Apprentice Primer to get a +1 bonus on any Little Wizard Journeyman spells included in another Little Wizard grimoire. $415, 10 lbs. A good quality travel version of the grimoire is $765, 5 lbs.

Vance's Ultimate Terminus on the Onyx Path: This fine, dwarven, 600 page tome is worth nearly its weight in gold, especially to wizards of the Onyx Path. Contains Ancient History +6, Animate Shadow +7, Lich +9, and Golem +6. There are 80 blank pages for further work. $13000, 1.2 lbs.

Further Work

I really need to figure out how to make this work for GCA.

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