Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sentinel Tactics Now Being Kickstarted!

Sentinels of the Multiverse is one of my favorite games: a co-op, non-collectible card game of superheroes fighting supervillains in an unique multiverse that pays homage to DC and Marvel Comics. It's suitable for 3 to 5 players, but makes a perfectly adequate solo game if you've got an hour or so to kill.

The creators of SotM are now kickstarting their next game: a competitive, miniatures based, superheroes versus supervillains skirmish game. The kickstart rewards aren't amazing, but they're not terrible either: nearly a dozen super-hero figures at the $40 pledge level, shipping included.

The most interesting part of the Kickstarter is how well they're doing: 4 hours after they started the Kickstarter, they've raised $40K of the $50K they're aiming to get. I don't think they'll do as well as the original Reaper Bones kickstart, but there will be enough funds to release the game and at least a couple of additional figures.

I'm just hoping that GtG and Reaper team up: I'd love to see a Bones line of super hero related figures at an affordable cost. I used to buy Heroclix commons and repaint them, but some more variety would be great.


  1. Fully funded after 8 hours! Yayyyy!

  2. The first stretch goal was reached sometime last night, so they've added Beacon (aka Youngest Legacy) as a character and miniature:

    I'd rather have seen Unity, Visionary, or Nightmist as the first stretch goal. Beacon should be fairly close in powers and abilities to Legacy - that's her theme in the card game - though she does get her eye beams. Nightmist or Unity would have opened up a lot of conceptual space. Plus, I like Nightmist as a character a lot.

    Oh, well. Hopefully this will cause a huge jump in pledges, as all the people who pledged $80 to get the game and the minis will now need to add another $20 to their pledge to get the stretch goal minis. (I cleverly forsaw this happening and had already pledged the full $100.)

  3. When this kickstarter started, a lot of people complained about the value: 8 or so miniatures for $100 (plus, y'know, a game) was TOO MUCH for TOO LITTLE. Now that the funding has hit $175K and looks very likely to break $250K, it looks like it'll be 33+ miniatures for $100, which is a great deal. You can also get the miniatures painted, but at +$150, that's too rich for my blood.

    My predictions for the next stretch goals: Nightmist, Unity or Miss Information at $185K, and Unity's golems at $200K. I'm hoping the $185K level is Nightmist, and Unity comes with golems at $200K, but the $200K level is clearly the golems so it would make sense that the $185K level is Unity.

    Either way, we'll know by next week at the latest.

  4. As it turns out, the $185K stretch goal was Visionary with a new costume. Not bad, especially since Unity and her golems came in at $200K.

    Eventually, GtG stopped worrying about pledge goals and just unlocked all the rewards, which was great. It ended up being $100 for 41 figures + the game and its components, which suited me just fine.

    As an added bonus, the box was supposed to ship in December, but the production went really smoothly (or something) and they shipped 4 months early in time for GenCon. That's just amazing.


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