Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bones: Completed Apes!

I posted about these guys in October, and finished them up a little later. They've been sitting on my desk for months while I've been working on other stuff.

I don't know much more there is to say about these guys. The weapons are mostly gunmetal drybrushed with steel. The big ape's tubing are drybrushed with a pale green over an olive base. I spent a little time detailing the backpack, because I thought it would look a little better if there were more colors to pick out the various shapes.

Peter Dell'Orto painted up his apes in a different scheme, and I'm just amazed at how different it makes them look.


  1. I like them. Your Ape-X does look very different.

    What are the other two guys?

  2. The other two are from Throne of the Gorilla King (, which is sadly out of print.

    1. I found a couple for sale - is it an adventure plus 3 minis included in a single box, or were the minis an add-on?


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