Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paint and repaint: Sentinels Tactics miniatures are finished!

The Citizens of the Sun!

I spent the better part of a week painting these guys, putting in several hours every day. I usually enjoy painting miniatures, even with the inevitable frustrations, but these guys were driving me crazy towards the end. Paint 8 sets of pants black. Go back and paint 8 sets of boots, gloves, armbands, and legbands red. Go back and clean up the bits where the red leaked onto the black. Go back and paint the bits where the black leaked on the red. Then paint other parts of the miniatures, and notice spots that were missed, and do it all again. It was crazy.

On to the individual figures! As a note, I haven't permanently based any of these figures, and I had them all on temporary individual stands while I was working on them (as you can see above). So the paint jobs are somewhat better than they would be if I had to get around even more complicated bits.

Citizens Tears, Blood, and Sweat. For some reason, all of the female citizens are supposed to be in their own individually colored dresses, and all the male citizens are in a uniform of black pants, beige/gray shirts, and red accents. The original artwork for Citizen Blood has him in what is clearly a dark red velvet tuxedo, which looks appropriately goth, and I decided to keep that theme. Tears and Sweat got normal dresses.

Blood is supposed to have a monocle in his right eye, and Sweat is supposed to have pinkish eyes. I painted them that way, but I don't know if the detail shows up in the pictures.

Citizens Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter. These were pretty straightforward to paint, and simpler than the guys below. Winter is described in her background as not having pupils, just solid milky white eyes, so the lack of detail there isn't a mistake. Autumn is not solidly in contact with her base, and shouldn't be leaning so drunkenly - oops! But still, she looks fine, and there's some nice drybrush work on the dead tree behind her.

Citizens Dare and Truth are supposed to be in gray and black uniforms like everyone else, but their original card art has them in reversed red and orange outfits as fits their nature as diametrically opposed twins, so I went with that instead. These figures were a lot easier to paint for being in resin as opposed to lead - I could just fold the manifestations of their powers out of the way when I wanted to get an area that would otherwise be covered. I don't think that would be possible with lead or pewter, or at least, it would have been something I could only do safely once or twice instead of whenever was convenient. I should probably drybrush Truth's energy field with gold to make it glow a bit.

Citizens Assault and Battery, Hack and Slash, and Hammer and Anvil. Nothing really complicated here, but everything was a bit tedious. The beige overshirts are a medium grey, heavily drybrushed with a dark cream/khaki brown, and came out very well in these pictures (if a little less well up close). I painted the undershirts in a solid orange, instead of the complicated brown/orange checkered pattern shown in the card art. Slash's energy claws are medium purple drybrushed with hot pink, which was a not entirely successful experiment. Battery's sword is supposed to be glowing light blue, but I couldn't think of a way to make it work so I just left it as uncharged steel.

So that's all the Sentinel Tactics figures out so far. There's supposed to be an add-on pack out (in May 2015 or some such crazy thing) that adds Blade Battalion soldiers, the organization's Underbosses, the Omni-Reaper, and some dinosaurs. I can proxy most of those figures for now, but I'll probably pick it up when it comes out because hey, dinosaurs.

Tomorrow I'm meeting some friends at Emerald Tavern to actually play the game, so there should be some more pictures from that. And then I'll be done with talking about Sentinels Tactics on this blog for a while.

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