Saturday, August 23, 2014

Paint Better: More Sentinel Tactics

So my last set of paint jobs was not my best work, I'll admit. So for this batch, I buckled down and actually used some technique: stains and washes, proper drybrushing, patience clean-up of mistakes, and select highlights and lowlights. That, and being more comfortable with the range of paints, made for much better looking figures.

Proletariat, the People's Hero! With 6 clones to paint at once and a mostly simple paint scheme, Prole was mostly an exercise in careful drybrushing to get a proper red torso. I was pretty intimidated by the yellow star, and initially tried to cheese it by painting the face yellow and then drybrushing red over it (hoping that the red wouldn't get into the trenches of the face and I'd get some really fine lines). That didn't work, so I buckled down with a fine brush and just painted the stars on the faces and then cleaned up the line with a dark red.

Citizen Dawn has a very straightforward paint job: red, red, red. Her face has minimal detail, so I painted on some highlights to accentuate the nose and cheekbones.

I don't like the Operative's new outfit, so I mostly painted her in her traditional colors of green and red (instead of green, blue, and yellow). There's still some of the new outfit in the figure, so I went with it. The wood of the tonfa is actually a very dark brown, but it's almost the same hue as the black gloves so you can't really make it out.

Visionary, Young Legacy, Beacon, and Ra. Visionary should have a green cape, but I didn't feel like messing with the green stuff to make it happen.

Young Legacy isn't technically a character in Sentinels Tactics: she's an alternate timeline version of Beacon. But I had an old lead figure that looked close enough, and I broke out the green stuff to make the miniskirt. It definitely could have gone better, but it looks good enough. I'm still not happy about not having a pure, solid white paint, but layers of khaki, cream, and pearl white wash came out well enough.

Beacon, in contrast, was simple to paint: orange, yellow, flesh tones, and some careful touch-up with cream and pearl. Most of the white is the miniature's original material.

Ra looks fairly good, with a solid drybrush for his skin tone, some decent looking flame in his left hand, and reasonably clean lines everywhere. He was a bit of a pain to paint, since there were a lot of nooks and crannies that I missed on the first (and second) passes with the paint. Too much detail touch-up!

So I'm feeling better about my painting, because I'm doing a better job.

Next up: the Citizens of the Sun, all fifteen of them. Almost all of them in shades of crimson red and/or black, but at least there's not much white to deal with. And that will be last of the existing Sentinel Tactics miniatures, so I'll go back to staring at my Reaper Bones and saying "man, I really should paint... uhm... hmmm." Hey, I heard the Borderlands prequel is coming out soon!

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